Rockstar changing its plans for future DLC

Rockstar is undoubtedly one of the most well-known developers in the industry. But even the biggest names have to start somewhere, and just like everybody else, Rockstar is still figuring out how to approach the ever-growing market of how to release downloadable content. The enormous expansions offered in GTA IV — The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony — saw great appraisal from critics everywhere, but didn’t sell as much as hoped and expected; bigger expansions usually mean they’re more expensive, and according to Rockstar VP Dan Houser, “$10 is a more exciting price point.” No doubt.

“I think the two GTA episodes, from a creative standpoint, were absolutely fantastic. We are very, very, very proud of them,” said Houser, as he admitted and realized that “if you want a vibrant multiplayer community, you have got to provide content frequently and fairly quickly after release, which we tried to do with Red Dead,” which turned out to be a far more successful approach in the long run.

Considering the fact that the studio’s March 2012-bound Max Payne 3 — which will get DLC — will include an online mode, we’d say Rockstar is on the right track to keeping a community happy and its business of making games blooming.