Beat Gears 3 on Insane, get MI-themed weapon skins

Those who appreciate some exclusive bling have been given a reason to prove their might; finish Gears of War 3 on the Insane difficulty (solo or co-op) by December 25th and a prize you shall get: the “exclusive Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocoal Weapon Skin Pack.”

The pack comes complete with five weapon skins you can show off in multiplayer: a “Ghost Protocol” Lancer, Hammerburst, Retro Lancer, Gnasher Shotgun, and Sawed-off Shotgun.

The promo is tied into the new Mission Impossible flick as you might have guessed. To that end, you’ll have to watch the Mission: Impossible trailer on Xbox Live as well.

If you’ve already gone through the campaign on Insane, fret not for the winner is you; the skin pack will be unlocked for you before end of the year.