COD Elite status goes green, mobile apps soon

Looks like Activision might get Call of Duty Elite in order sooner than December 1st; the service is now 95% operational.

“Everything is running,” according to Daniel Suarez, vice president of production at Activision, who says Elite’s been granted ‘green’ status. “We have some kinks to work out still, but we’re making [fixes] and updates to the service.

“Going into the holiday we are confident in the stability of the service.”

He adds: “Overall functionality for the average user is probably at 95 percent. There are a few issues with clan invites, but we already have fixes in the works.”

A quick figure here, too: there are over 100,000 clans already signed up. Insane.

Elite’s mobile apps will launch soon as well: “We’ll be looking to release the iOS client on iTunes before the end of the month. We expect the Android app to be available within the same timeframe.”