Gears of War, FEAR 2 devs form indie start-up

Folks who’ve worked on Gears of War, FEAR 2, Condemned 2 and the yet-to-be-released Spec Ops: The Line have decided to leave their AAA ways behind and take a step towards mobile development.

While still at their respective studios for now, six developers have formed Strange Games where they work after hours on their first game, Demolicious, due out on iOS and Android this year. Once their debut project is in the wild, the plan is to switch to Strange full-time.

Technical director Ken Mayfield, Gears veteran and current The Line developer, has explained to Eurogamer: “It’s all after hours, but it’s a lot of hours. We do our eight [hours] at one company, then we turn around and do our eight at another.”

AAA development is not for everyone then: “It’s fun up to a point, but the real fun is sitting down with your buddies, making a game that’s not all that serious and utilising the knowledge we’ve picked up from AAA development. Putting those together I think is where the real money is at.”

The identities of the other five developers are kept hush-hush for now, until they’re free of their AAA responsibilities.