Next Xbox available as 2 SKUs — rumor

Even more rumors on the next Xbox. A new Digital Foundy report would have us believe that Microsoft will be taking the two SKU road again, but with the difference between the two being quite a bit more dramatic this time around.

The report reads (via): “It’s…believed that Microsoft will continue its successful two SKU strategy, and indeed take it much further with its new platform: a pared down machine is to be released as cheaply as possible, and positioned more along the lines of a set-top box (the use of 360 as a Netflix viewing platform in the US is colossal) and perhaps as a Kinect-themed gaming portal, while a more fully-featured machine with optical drive, hard disk and backward compatibility aimed at the hardcore would be released at a higher price-point.”

It’s unclear if those who pick up the watered down version would be able to upgrade their boxes as they see fit later on. But all in all sounds reasonable enough?