Call of Duty creator to take on his own creation

Dusty Welch is the founder of U4iA, a Seattle-based studio focusing on creating the next big thing for the “connected generation;” web-based, free-to-play and hardcore. He also happens to have worked at Activision for well over a decade and he even had a hand in developing Call of Duty — as in creating and launching it — and helping it stand as the top-selling franchise in entertainment. In fact, this guy even managed to make Guitar Hero popular all over world and convinced people they needed lots and lots of plastic instruments in their living rooms. Then again, that’s probably what a senior vice president and head of publishing at Activision had to do at the time.

So, when his overconfidence in U4iA’s upcoming project is called into question, let’s not forget he’s got a track record to prove he can potentially do whatever he sets his mind to, which in this case is to “dethrone” his own creation, namely Call of Duty.

“I created Call Of Duty to dethrone the established leaders back in the early 2000s, and you bet my goal at U4iA is to repeat that success again,” said Welch during an interview. “Providing a AAA, first person shooter experience in a browser is really what the end game is for us. And I think that’s going to help lead the new dynamic and a transition of gamers into the social.”

And he doesn’t stop there. Not only has he set his cross-hair between the eyes of the untouchable, but he even expects to get a user base larger than the one Riot Games has for League of Legends, which just hit 30 million registered users.

“I think that yeah, U4iA can match or exceed the user base that Riot is experiencing today,” said Welch. “Much bigger genre, sticky proposition, e-sport competitive first person shooters are the hallmark of why so many gamers are playing on Xboxes and PlayStation 3s today, and we’re going to provide a whole unique way to experience that in a AAA free-to-play package.”

He adds, “I think you look at my track record of knocking off the established players and you can imagine that my goal for U4iA is to once again dethrone the established players, across the spectrum, across the space and allow gamers to again unite and experience the best consumer proposition that’s available, and usher in a new genre experience. That’s what U4iA is going to provide.”