Is Sony Smash Bros. on the way?

The idea of all of Sony’s first-party characters piling together for a big ol’ brawl is something that crosses our minds a lot. Would the Nathan Drake luck hold its own against Infamous‘ Cole? Would Kratos gut Sly Cooper like he was a Greek god?

We could be finding out the answer to these questions and more in 2012 or beyond. Gaming sites have been alive with rumors this past weekend suggesting that developer new guy SuperBot Entertainment is working on such a game. One supposed member of the team posted images of the game in-progress on Twitter a few days ago, but has since taken those images down (though not before fans capped the pics themselves). One shot showed a character model for Twisted Metal‘s Sweet Tooth while others mentioned characters like Kratos in the coding.

Other tweets from the team have referred to Sony’s recent Michael advert as a precursor to their unannounced project. Way to keep that cat in the bag, guys.

The game’s rumored name for now is Title Fight. Blogging site The Paul Gale Network reports that Nathan Drake, Killzone’s Colonel Radec, Fat Princess, Kratos, Sly Cooper and Parappa the Rappa are also down to join the scrap.

If done right, this could be a Smash Bros-beater.