Kinect sells 114,000 units in Japan

Kinect hasn’t received the warmest of welcomes in Japan, the device’s sales figure in the country show. That’s hardly a surprise of course, considering the cold shoulder the Japanese consumer has given the console in favor of homegrown Nintendo and Sony offerings.

Microsoft managed to push 27,880 Kinect units in November 2010, the launch month, a figure which jumped to 43,200 units in December. This year though, sales has dropped off considerably. The lowest point came in May when a mere 1,910 units were sold.

The console’s own lifetime sales in the country add up to around 1.5 million, making the attach rate in the 7-8 percent range. A far cry from the estimated 20 percent global attach rate.

The Kinect sales figures come from the latest issue of Famitsu (via), which also published the Kinect-enabled software sales top 10. Needless to say, the bundled-in Kinect Adventures takes the lead:

Kinect Adventures – 114,000
Forza Motorsport 4 – 24,900
DanceEvolution – 22,400
Kinect Sports – 13,000
05. You Shape Fitness Evolved – 12,300
06. Dance Central – 8,690
07. Kinect Animals – 5,350
08. New Brain Training – 4,930
09. Sonic Free Riders – 4,160
10. Fighters Uncaged – 3,470