Namco Bandai tries strange DLC approach

Ridge Racer Vita, while to be sold at a reduced price, only ships with three tracks and five cars, you may have heard. Time for some post-launch DLC to bulk up the offering then? Yes indeed.

A shame though that said DLC is of the premium kind. As in, it comes with a price tag.

Famitsu’s reporting (via) that Namco Bandai has plans for weekly DLC for the barebones racer, which includes a free music pack consisting of tunes from past games in the series.

The paid releases start in February with at least one new car ¥250 (£2) and track ¥400 (£3.30) to be expected. Not cheap.

The following month will get two car packs — three and two things on wheels in each — while April and May get four cars and three tracks.

Some the DLC can be had as a bundle as well. The DLC through May will be going for ¥1600 (£13.20) starting February 16th (discount available until the 29th), which only makes things that much stranger, unless it’s a season pass kind of a deal. The Famitsu piece doesn’t seem to mention that though; here’s hoping official word from the publisher will clarify this bit in coming days.