Battlefield 3’s Back to Karkand DLC possibly dated

According to the Asian PlayStation Store (since updated, via), Battlefield 3‘s first piece of DLC, Back to Karkand, will be released on Wednesday, December 7th. So just a week from now, PlayStation 3 owners will presumably be able to play the four re-imagined and re-designed Battlefield 2 favorites on their consoles. And yes, PS3 owners; lest we forget, this first DLC is a PlayStation one week timed exclusive, meaning Xbox 360 and PC owners will have to wait an extra week to get in on the action.

Back to Karkand will be free to download for all of those who pre-ordered Battlefield 3, thus are in possession of the Limited Edition. For all others, it’ll be $14.99 (PS3) or 1200 Microsoft Points (Xbox 360) once the package goes live.

More interesting though might be the news that the patch released earlier this month for PC will be made available today, November 30th. Again, on PlayStation 3 first, with the Xbox 360 prompting an update “shortly” after… whenever that may be. Get the details here.