Big PS3 exclusive heading for VGAs

Spike’s Video Game Awards will play host to the reveal of a new BioWare game this year, as well as the reintroduction of Metal Gear Solid Rising. But now the show has teased its most enticing debut yet – a PS3 exclusive title that “you won’t believe”.

The message was spotted in a (very) blurry shot of a billboard advertising the show, taken by show host Geoff Keighley. Given the recent rumors that have been piling up, all signs point to this being after Sony’s smash Bros-alike, Title Fight, or the long-awaited announcement of God of War IV.

Whatever it is, we won’t have too long to find out as the VGAs air on December 10. You know what we really “wouldn’t believe”? Uncharted 4.

What? We’re just saying is all.