Dragon Age getting Frostbite 2-powered multiplayer — rumor

More of Kotaku’s EA insiders have spoken up, revealing an interesting tidbit on the Dragon Age series: multiplayer is in the cards.

It’s something BioWare itself has said is a distinct possibility — “[Multiplayer] absolutely would [work],” Dragon Age II lead designer Mike Laidlaw said back in March this year — so we’re not exactly shocked to hear this, especially with Mass Effect 3 having an online component as well.

But what’s it all about then?

While all rumor until officially announced, the online component will not only have soldiers do battle but feature playable dragons as well. And we know what a rage the winged giants are these days.

The whole thing is apparently taking an arena-based approach with PvE and PvP elements. And with DICE’s Frostbite 2 tech powering it, it’ll no doubt look spectacular.

What’s unclear though is whether the multiplayer will be shipped with the yet-to-be-formalized Dragon Age III or if it’ll be a stand-alone offering. The insider wasn’t sure about that part.

Both Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II were single-player only games.