Unity surpasses 750k developers

Unity, the game engine that powers Limbo developer Playdead’s next game among many, many others, is an over the top success; over 750,000 developers have signed up to use the tech, 500,000 of whom have hopped on board in the last 12 months alone.

The active-on-a-monthly-basis members count, while notably lower, remains impressive: 200,000.

The number of its web player installs has doubled in the last year as well. It’s up from 40 million in November 2010 to 80 million today.

“We’re amazed at how rapidly Unity continues to grow in popularity globally,” Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason says. “The continuing growth of the platform demonstrates that when provided with excellent tools, developers will embrace them in numbers that surpass anything anyone imagined.”

The boom comes after the launch of the Asset Store, where developers can find everything from add-ons to art assets. It’s “an awesome way for small developers to be able to focus on what they do best and to get work from other creators that complements their skills,” according to CCO Nicholas Francis.

“The Asset Store has proven to be an fantastic way for developers to gain access to benefits that only the largest studios used to have.”