Hitman dev’s next game to be original IP

Once the team at IO Interactive have found Absolution, they’ll be moving on to a brand new IP, studio head Niels Sorensen has revealed.

Speaking to Gamasutra the developer revealed that, once development on Hitman: Absolution is finished, one part of the team will assist the new Square Enix Studio, Square Enix Montreal, in developing their own, “premium-qualityHitman title, while the other goes off to work on a new IP.

“When people work on the same IP for some time, I believe that there’s a sort of creative drain,” Sorensen explained. “Thankfully we managed to make sure we keep focusing on different IPs and keeping people fresh.”

Good news of originality, bad news for Kane and Lynch, though Square has hinted that the pair will return at some point. As for this new IP, Sorensen explained how the ideas come about: “We’ve built an incubation department whose focus is work on new IP and prototypes, and all sorts of things for existing and new IP.

“And that’s a really interesting sort of secret place where they cook up a lot of new things.”

Sorry, Mini Ninjas.