Vita software to have varying price points

Clearly aware that the $60 blockbuster is unlikely to beat the $1 app, Sony has revealed that software for the upcoming PS Vita will be priced differently across the board.

Speaking to, PS Europe boss, Jim Ryan, said: “I think it would be safe to assume we will take a more tailored approach than perhaps we’ve done in the past.”

According to Ryan, the company would be “foolish and naïve to ignore what’s happening” in the smartphone market, making reference to the success of cheap apps.

“It’s our challenge to ensure that the gaming experience that we provide is closer to that TV console experience than it is to your 69p thing that you’ve downloaded on your iPhone,” he added.

“If we do that and we provide great value to the consumer on games like Uncharted, I think the possibility to sustain historic console type price points is there.”

Hopefully games like MotorStorm RC and other titles that would usually exists on PSN will be priced way down from the bigger Vita games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss. But pricing on any of this software is still a mystery as we move closer to the systems launch in Japan this month.