Notch no longer Minecraft lead developer

Minecraft creator Markus Persson, or Notch as he’s more often called, has stepped down as the lead developer on the do-what-you-will title.

The indie darling will now be headed up by Jens Bergensten who has taken the role of lead developer. “He will have the final say in all design decisions, so he will kinda sorta become my boss, I guess,” Persson write on his Tumblr.

“I’ve promised him to not pull rank. ;)”

The pair has worked on the game for a year, Persson further notes, saying: “I’m amazed at how much in synch we two are when it comes to how to design the game.” So there’s little to worry about, it seems.

“And when we don’t agree, we discuss it and something much better comes out at a result. He’s truly a great person to work with, and I feel very confident handing over the leadership of Minecraft to him.”

What of Notch then? “I will now rest for a while, then get back to work refreshed and eager. I’ll be helping out with Minecraft, of course, but also starting work on some new project.”