Vita may be aimed at a kids “more quickly” than PSP

Though starting life as a ‘hardcore gamer’s handheld’, Sony has tried to rebrand the PSP as a kid’s device in recent years with the release of games like LittleBigPlanet and a new, affordable software range of PSP Essentials and minis. Now the company has suggested that it will follow this pattern with it’s handheld, the PS Vita.

PlayStation Europe president Jim Ryan even suggested that the focus on a younger market will happen “more quickly” than it did with PSP.

“Initially it will be aimed at our core gamer market,” he told Eurogamer TV when speaking about the system. “I think what we will look to do is to take it younger rather more quickly than and perhaps rather more deliberately with PSP.”

Sony currently has a range of kid-friendly games like Invizimals and Eyepet still releasing on PSP. Could these franchises head over to Vita? Does this suggested focus cast any doubts on if the Vita will succeed as a hardcore system?