From Dust sells 500k on consoles

Ubisoft’s Summer of Arcade entry From Dust has attracted half a million god wannabe’s, the publisher’s digital publishing manager Thomas Paincon has revealed.

Chatting with MCV, Paincon said: “There is less risk releasing a new game digitally. At retail, if you don’t have a 90 Metacritic score and millions of fans, it’s very risky to launch a new game. Look at From Dust, we sold half a million units on XBLA and PSN. Why? Because the prices were lower, but also because it was a new experience and people using digital platforms are more willing to test a new IP.”

The PC version of the Eric Chahi game also exists. No figures on those though.

After its XBLA release in late July, Ubisoft quickly labeled the title as its biggest digital day-one success story, beating its previous record holder by 45%.