Job listings reveal another, Unity-powered Square RPG

Another one of Square Enix’s new properties may have been outed. Somewhat.

According to discovered job listings, this one’s an action RPG tied to Square’s 1st Production Department. Said to be a PS3/Vita title, it doesn’t look to be the Unreal Engine-powered title revealed and shown last week; this new one is using Unity.

Details are thin considering the source of the reveal, though airships and customizable characters are apparently in for this one. One listing goes on about a world map with an airship that has gameplay elements inside it, while another is on the lookout for someone to handle different jobs, abilities, character growth, and customization systems. It all sounds like the project has barely lifted off.

Square Enix recently said it was planning on setting up a number of new intellectual properties over the coming years, so it could be one of those. Or it could be another Final Fantasy, seeing as the 1st Production Department is also creating Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.