New Alan Wake ambitious, but still not Alan Wake 2

The next Alan Wake, due to be revealed at the VGAs this weekend, can for all intents and purposes be considered a full sequel, apparently. That’s at least the opinion of Spike TV and Gametrailers man Geoff Keighley who said as much in a fresh podcast with Xbox’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb.

“I’ve seen the game, seen the trailer we’re showing and even though it’s going to be a downloadable game, it’s not a small game,” said Keighley (via).

“It effectively is, I think, Alan Wake 2 when you really look at it and what they’re doing with that game. It’s really ambitious, beautiful technology and I think people are really going to be excited about it.”

Despite being a digital release, Remedy has said the game is “structured like a full release.” More on that here.

Remedy has offered up a fresh comment as well on whether the project should actually be taken as Alan Wake 2 or not. The short version is ‘not.’ The long version, as posted AW’s official forums by senior writer Mikko Rautalahti: “I’m very glad that he’s excited about it, he’s obviously saying very nice things and we’re proud of the game.

“However, I think that since he invokes the ‘Alan Wake 2’ name, I should reiterate what we’ve said all along: this new game is not Alan Wake 2, and if we intended it to be that, we’d have named it that. (I know he means it as a compliment, and I appreciate that, I just don’t want there to be any confusion about it.).”

A single image and a teaser trailer to hype up this weekend’s full reveal can be had at the links.