Wii U MMO from Ubisoft?

Here’s an interesting one; Ubisoft may be working on a AAA MMO for Wii U.

It’s speculation at best right now, but the publisher’s Quebec studio is hiring for an MMO, a AAA MMO, and a “WII U AAA Game,” as recent job postings advertise.

In addition, a tweet from Ubi’s communication guy Emile Gauthier invited people to apply for Ubisoft Quebec’s “NEW AAA MMORPG Game”.

Going by the similarity in wording, it could all be the same game. Or it could just as well not.

Ubisoft Quebec is a studio 300+ strong, so it’s entirely feasible they have more than one iron in the fire, and probably do. But an MMO on Wii U would certainly be an exciting development, wouldn’t it, and a major sign of Nintendo’s new focus on taking things online.