3DS reaching the three million mark

Despite the lack of a sturdy launch and poor marketing, among other things, Nintendo’s glasses-free 3D portable, the Nintendo 3DS, is expected to reach a sales figure of three million very soon. And that would be two weeks ahead of its older brother, the Nintendo DS.

It appears the price drop and the release of some major titles boosted sales of the troubled console. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata explains the high hardware sales — as compared to the low software sales — could be attributed to gamers preparing themselves for the bigger titles to come out, which isn’t necessarily a difficult thing to do once you have the numbers to back up a statement like that.

In addition to hardware sales, Iwata commented on how well Mario Kart has performed on the platform, selling over 420,000 units since its launch just a week ago. This is double the amount the DS version sold during the same timespan.

It should be noted that any numbers mentioned above relate to the Japanese market. However, when asked about it, Iwata said Nintendo can look forward to performing well in both the North American and European markets, especially when it comes to software as he pointed out that Mario titles have seen bigger success internationally.