DICE super-charges Battlefield 3’s Server Browser

In an updated Battlelog post, Battlefield 3-developer DICE has “super-charged” the game’s Server Browser with some improvements and tweaks. It was mentioned that these “new features” were based on forum threads and discussions provided by the community, so hopefully, these will be of satisfaction to most of us since we said we wanted them.

• The server queue has been re-enabled, which means that if you want to join your friends, you’ll be able to do so immediately (if there’s a slot open) or stand in queue until a slot opens up.
• Server browsing has been boosted with a few more search options, such as kill cam, 3D spotting and friendly fire, enabling to further customize the way you want to play any particular round. In addition to this, you can now filter any searches by countries as well.
• Joining a party should be easier, as in you don’t have to set up a party prior to doing a party join but just join pretty much whenever you want.
• Whenever a fight finishes, a Battle Report is generated, and while all those statistics are great, they don’t mean much if you can’t share them with friends. Now, you can.
• A few new quick links have been added to Battlelog to make navigation easier and more accessible.

While all this is good and well, there’s still a rather huge chunk of players (mainly on Xbox 360) waiting for their experience on the Battlefield to be patched. What gives, DICE?