Dead Rising 3 set in Cali, stars mechanic Rick — rumor

Not a day after series vet Frank West teased his trip, rumors are going around that Dead Rising 3 is indeed in development. But it won’t star West. A mechanic named Rick is said to be the hero of the game instead.

The plot revolves around gathering bits and pieces to fix a plane with which to escape the infected city of Los Perdidos, California, set to be leveled by a bomb.

The game will also touch on themes of immigration, with someone named Red with his girlfriend Annie leading a group of infected through the city. A psychopathic biker complete with bike customized with steam roller parts is also believed to play some role.

Going by Capcom’s earlier tease, we reckon Frank West will play some role in the story. As it stands though, it’s all but guess work, as is when Capcom might formalize the game itself.