Epic not working on Vita games just yet

While Sony’s intentions with its upcoming PlayStation Vita may be the best ones they’ve had as far as portable consoles go, Epic Games president Mike Capps’ thoughts on it are arguably justified; after all, a number of Android and iOS devices are powerful enough to drive great games, not to mention the fact that they’re phones, meaning you’ll always have them with you. Thus, you’ll always have games with you.

“We’re not currently making a Vita game, I’m not sure how well it’s going to be accepted in our Western market which is primarily where our games sell,” said Capps. “It’s a really cool platform, but I have a phone, and it’s really hard to compete with that.”

That Epic’s not working on Vita games doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t ever do it. The company’s just being smart on how to go about doing it, delivering its proprietary Unreal Engine first, and only then, eventually, maybe, start developing a proper game for the console.

“We got our tech on it really early,” added Capps. “We were, I think, one of the very first people to get one and work with it and we were on stage at the launch, because we have a lot of licensees who are curious about it and so we did the first part.”

So, is there a place for the PS Vita? Some say yes, some say no. Then again, nobody thought there was a market for tablets either, and look how that turned out.