Joe Danger packing it in

Hello Games will be retiring Joe Danger following The Movie, the second game starring the stuntman character.

Studio founder Sean Murray said as much while chatting on a recent IGN UK podcast, saying: “That will be our last Joe Danger thing from us. We’re only doing The Movie because we had a good idea for it.”

“We wanted to explore [the Joe Danger concept] in every way possible, but then we’re done with that idea. We don’t want to be a studio that just does one game and flogs it, even though many people have suggested [that’s what] we should do.”

Once the time comes, Joe Danger will have three releases under its belt; the original Joe Danger on PSN, the upcoming Special Edition of the first game on Xbox Live Arcade, and multiplatform sequel Joe Danger: The Movie. Read up on our impressions on the title here.