Microsoft to take 20-30 percent cut in Windows 8 App Store

Many would deem me as an Apple evangelist, and while I don’t necessarily disagree, I have no problem admitting when other companies hit the right spots, for the good of the game.

Take Microsoft for instance. The giant recently announced that it will only be taking a 30 percent cut for hosting games, apps, ebooks and random software on its upcoming Windows 8 App Store. That’s not unlike what Apple’s doing on its own App Store. But Microsoft took it one step further, committing to the fact that once a developer’s app reaches a revenue mark of $25,000, Microsoft will step back and only take a 20 percent cut, leaving a nicely rounded 80 percent for the developer itself to go party in celebration with.

Putting all Apple vs. Microsoft feelings aside, this is not only a great opportunity but one hell of an incentive to get developers working on affordable [indie] games that can be just as fun, beautiful and addictive as any other ones out there, and start bathing in dough while doing it. Only this time, regardless of platform.

Also, not unlike Apple’s App Store, Windows 8 App Store will support free apps and trials, in-app purchasing and advertising. Price tags on apps will range from $1.49 to $999.99.

And yes, while you devs can obviously work on something other than games, we wouldn’t recommend it if it’s our hard-earned cash you want to get to. Well, earned