Namco Bandai wins legal spat, publishes The Witcher 2 in EU

Publishers Namco Bandai and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings developer CD Projekt Red have been in a legal battle ever since the latter announced that THQ would be the one to publish the Xbox 360 port of the title in European territories. Namco Bandai has the publishing rights for the PC version, which documents apparently clarify, but still decided to take the warpath to settle things.

After months of going back and forth with the matter, even causing the game to be delayed from a November 2011 release to an “early 2012” one, Namco Bandai finally got its way and won. This means that the Japanese company is now the official publisher of The Witcher 2 in European territories, while Warner Bros. still remains as the publisher over in North America.

CD Projekt now has 15 days to deliver an Xbox 360 publishing agreement to Namco Bandai for all the territories involved, and failing to do so will cost the developer €15,000 (roughly $20,000) a day until it does.

CD Projekt CEO Marcin Iwinski said he was “not satisfied” with the outcome, but relieved the legal dispute was now over. Let’s say he’s not the only one…