World of Warcraft crazy cheap

In the holiday spirit, Blizzard’s trying to reel you (back) into its MMO world by offering entry to World of Warcraft at fairly ridiculous, up-to-75%-off prices.

The Battle Chest, which comes with the main game and The Burning Crusade expansion is going for $5 (normally $20). Wrath of the Lich King, normally $40, can be had for $10, while newest expansion Cataclysm, normally $40, is $20.

A pet (Pandaren Monk, $5) and a Mount (Celestial Steed, $10) are also available. Get it all on Blizzard’s store here.

The offer lasts until the 19th, a day before competitor Star Wars: The Old Republic launches in the US and Europe as luck would have it.