30 let go following low uDraw sales

THQ’s uDraw business has taken a hit, with 30 employees working on the product line let go due to “weaker than expected sales.”

The game tablet, which launched on Wii last year, was released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 last month. Retailers have already cut their price from $80 to $50.

THQ has offered a statement on the firings to GameInformer: “Due to weaker than expected sales of the uDraw Game Tablet, we are taking a difficult but important step to reduce the number of employees that supported this brand. 30 people will be leaving the company and business unit leader Martin Good will also be leaving to pursue new opportunities outside the company. This action will allow us to reduce costs, increase efficiency and increase the focus of our organization.

“WWE ’12 and Saints Row: The Third are two of the top games this holiday season and we also have another huge hit coming up in February with the launch of UFC 3. We want to make sure that we are focused on maximizing the sales and profitability of these titles as well as the broader pipeline of titles that matter most to our future.”

Last week, the publisher announced it cut its Q3 sales expectations by 25%, also because of low sales of uDraw on 360/PS3.