Bethesda looking to ‘make Skyrim better’ via DLC 

We’re all probably not even halfway through consuming the content Skyrim has to offer, but we can’t help but wonder what comes next for the open-world RPG. In the way of additional content, that is.

Joystiq has the same idea, and they bugged game director Todd Howard at the VGAs over the question. While there are no hard details to be had yet, Howard did say the studio is looking to not just add content but also for “ways to make the game better.”

“So we’re going through ideas right now, and processing everything people are doing in the game, and trying to think of ways that we can improve it.”

There will be multiple DLC releases, Howard says, but Bethesda “don’t have a timetable.”

“They won’t be quick, and they’ll have a lot of meat on them.”

During the chat, Howard also touched on the chances of Bethesda doing a multiplayer game.

“You can never say never to anything like that,” he says, “but it’s not what our focus is. This type of game is where our hearts are, what we get excited about, and that’s what we want to focus on. We don’t want to lose that focus and we never want to sacrifice anything in the singleplayer game just to have it be multiplayer.”

Bethesda walked away from the show with three awards: Studio of the Year, RPG of the Year, and the almighty Game of the Year.