Enslaved lead designer working on The Last of Us

You may have found the final scenes in Naughty Dog’s newly-announced The Last of Us trailer a bit familiar. The moment I saw the camera pan up, Enslaved crossed my own mind as well. Turns out there may be a good reason for that: The Last of Us has the 2010 Ninja Theory game’s lead designer Mark Richard Davies working on it.

“Okay, so I never worked on Uncharted 3 – I was really doing this,” Davies has tweeted, linking to the debut trailer, before going on to cheerfully declare: “Finally I can stop lying!”

The Last of Us was announced over the weekend at the VGAs. Having just released Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, the developer being Naughty Dog was perhaps the show’s biggest surprise. We’re dealing with a 2-game studio now, it appears.