Half-Life sequel in the works, voice actor suggests

See that “take this with a pinch of salt” sign over there? Yeah, the huge one hanging loose in your imagination? Pay attention to it, not because this is just another rumor, but because it’s a rumor about Half-Life 2: Episode 3. Or Half-Life: Episode 3. Or Half-Life 3. Or whatever has become of the name of Valve’s highly-anticipated sequel.

According to “sources,” a US-based voice actor — with rather loose lips we might add if this turns out to be true, eventually — allegedly speaks of recordings for “Half-Life: Episode 3” having taken place recently. That’s about it, lending arguable credence to the game’s existence. Either that, or to the fact that the rumors won’t stop, ever.

Valve’s stated that the company is shifting away from the episodic model, pointing out that its approach to updating Team Fortress 2 — which has seen over 200 updates since 2007 — seems to be the way to go. Yet, this is Half-Life, a game that’s been imprinted into gamers’ minds forever, so I can see how fans would get excited about rumors like this. I mean, I get excited every time I see red railings, red ramps, red ladders, red shoes or even the edge of a mirror.