Metal Gear Rising originally headed for the can, more info

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance made its long awaited return at the VGAs this weekend and with it came a few drastic changes to the cut-focused gameplay we’d seen before. Namely, the game now takes the form of a more traditional hack n’ slash, though its developed by a master of the genre, Platinum Games.

A recent post on Andriasang, compiling Twitter posts and more, has revealed the reason for some of these changes and just why Platinum Games are now working on it. Firstly, with regards to the name, Solid was ditched to symbolize that this was a spin-off, not a true sequel, despite Rising taking place post-MGS4. The cutting feature has been scaled back because, according to Kojima, it destroyed the original game design, though it’s still found within the game. Producer Yuji Korekado explained the change as going from “Aim, Slash, Take” to “Slash, Slash, Slash, Take” which just confuses us more.

In terms of the new developer, it appears that there was a time that the game was flat out cancelled, with its team unable to produce a real game out of those cut mechanics. However on a studio visit, Bayonetta team Platinum Games expressed their disappointment that the game was only half finished, and took it on for themselves.

Bayonetta boss Hideki Kamiya did however recently confirm on Twitter that he personally isn’t involved with the project. He wrote: “Hey everyone, I said 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times that I have nothing to do with Metal Gear Rising.”

Finally, an updated trailer with more gameplay will be put online tomorrow, so keep a sharp eye out for it. Now that we know Rising‘s true form, it’s time to start sharing a few release details, yeah Konami?