Authentic rally to return beyond Dirt Showdown

As excited as I may be about Codemasters finally hooking me in with its Dirt franchise by developing a rally game that’s not actually a rally game, fans of simulation Dirt racing shouldn’t be disappointed as Dirt Showdown is not the sequel to Dirt 3. In fact, the unannounced but already expected Dirt 4 (?) is, and it’ll be heavily focusing on bringing the most authentic rally experience it possibly can.

As put by senior game designer Mike Chapman and associate producer Iain Smith, the racing franchise has “outgrown a single game,” not unlike the Need for Speed series, which has its Shift (simulation) series and random arcade racers such as Hot Pursuit and the recently released The Run.

“We just feel that the scope of the Dirt series has really now outgrown a single game and we’re keen to explore all of the unique styles of play that the Dirt series on a whole can offer,” said Smith.

“At the end of each project we try to digest as much as possible about the players’ experiences,” he explained. “Through our game data analysis, as well as reading the game’s critical reception, we found that Dirt 3 had been offering two experiences: the pure rally and Gymkhana.”

Continues Smith, “we’ve focused on what those core experiences were – one a ‘hardcore’, motorsports experience and one for thrill-seekers,” adding the they’ve “boiled down some of that thrill-seeking formula into what makes Dirt Showdown. However, this doesn’t mean the more authentic rally content is disappearing from the Dirt series… that will return in a future game for sure.”