Valve’s next has a three in it

Initially, yes, we read that Valve boss Gabe Newell has teased that the developer’s next game would have a three in the title and jumped up and down with joy. Half Life 3! Half Life 3!

Apparently Newell wrote such a message to a 4chan user, initially saying: “I don’t suppose it would ease your wrath if I told you we’re announcing all of your favorite things at E3 2012?”

He then went on to confirm that “Yes, we are announcing something with a three in it.”

Okay, so thoughts run to Gordon Freeman’s next outing, sure, but then thinking about it, all of Valve’s IP at the moment are one sequel away from the third entry. Left 4 Dead 3, Portal 3, Team Fortress 3, and even DOTA3 (though we’re pretty sure it won’t be that).

So, aside from knowing Valve aren’t going to announce a new IP any time soon, we’re still at square one. The wait for next E3, if anything, just got that bit harder.