Just Cause’s Rico’s Hollywood debut to be Scorpion Rising

When I heard of Avalanche’s Just Cause getting the movie-treatment, my first and only thought was, “oh, great… another game getting thrown into the bin of things that should never be done.” Call me a skeptic, but history has a way of repeating itself when it comes to these adaptations, so hope of this project’s outcome being of any good is at a low. Might even be buried six feet under already.

Since then, nothing’s changed, except for the fact that the movie, which will have producers Eric Eisner and Adrian Askarieh look into the past of protagonist Rico “Scorpion” Rodriguez — something we already knew — will be appropriately called Just Cause: Scorpion Rising. In addition, and according to reports, Bryan Edward Hill is working on a second draft of the film’s script.

The same report also claims Just Cause 3 is in development and set for a 2012 release, which we had already heard of as well. While the former statement may be true, the latter one has already been buried by Avalanche.