Lionhead hiring for MMO programmer

Fable series developer Lionhead, of all studios, could be working on an MMO. That’s where the finger points to at least, following the discovery of a job ad which calls for an MMO programmer to join up and become a “key contributor on an unannounced title.”

That’s not ‘unannounced IP’, mind you. Fable MMO incoming?

“The ideal candidate is someone who enjoys playing MMO games and has significant experience with the workings of a massive online multiplayer environment,” the listing reads. “The role will focus on defining the high level network architecture for the project, security concerns, support for seamless post-launch updates, and implementation of server features.”

Lionhead doesn’t feel like sharing just jet, hence the following cheeky response to Eurogamer: “Thanks for checking in with us! We’re happy to tell you all about what we’re working on. Just apply, get hired, and we promise to spill our guts!”