Max Payne 3 to introduce Gang Wars

While some developers may get away with the lack of including it in their games, multiplayer offerings are becoming a must-have to keep people engaged in a game until the next one arrives. The Max Payne franchise has notoriously shied away from including online functionality, not surprisingly so since the focus of the series has been to tell the story of a tormented man. With Max Payne 3, however, all that changes… with a twist: Gang Wars.

Gang Wars will be a new kind of multiplayer mode to be introduced in this upcoming iteration in the series, a mode that will incorporate the narrative elements and drama we’re used to from having played the earlier games, with the added sense of progression between each round. Skeptically confusing? Though I wouldn’t blame you, we kind of knew this fusion was happening.

The concept of Gang Wars is to make each round different, even radically so, from the one before it. For instance, the first round might have you scavenging for lost money bags from a drug deal gone bad and bring them back to safe houses. All the while shooting people, of course. The second round, however, will draw upon the events of what happened in round one and cook up new objectives, with an added cutscene (comic-style) between the two starring Max Payne himself.┬áThe result of looting those cash bags and placing them in scattered safe points around the map may have resulted in your team gaining a turf to move around in, which may be the target for the opposing team in round two. Round three’s objective may then be to go hunting for the leader who took command (most lethal player) of the assault on that turf in round two.

The idea sounds as intriguing and interesting as it sounds chaotic. Especially with the added feature of Bursts, or as you may know them from playing first-person modern military shooters, perks. Paranoia is one of them, and it makes the opposition perceive the rest of its teammates as enemies. Sneaky is another one, making your gamertag appear as friendly to the enemy, letting you “sneak” in behind enemy lines and cause havoc from within. Even Max Payne’s signature skill, Bullet Time, is a Burst, slowing reality down for the shooter and the recipient of that fired bullet.

For how many rounds this concept lasts before it reverts to a starting point is yet unknown. With a concept like this, however, there may not necessarily be a loop involved at all, in which case I’ll be eagerly awaiting more info on it, let alone the release of the game itself.

Max Payne 3 is set for a March 2012 release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. It’s also been reported that multiplayer will be the main focus of DLC, which could be interesting