New Alan Wake more action-oriented

Next year’s Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will be a more action-heavy romp than its 2010 predecessor, developer Remedy has said. And that approach, according to vice president Aki Järvilehto, was the result of listening to what gamers wanted.

“One of the things about Alan Wake is that people loved the story, the setting and the theme but people wanted more in-your-face action,” Järvilehto tells Eurogamer, “people wanted more variation, different types of enemies and different types of weapon.”

“It’s more faster-paced, and more action-orientated,” he adds of the new game. “I think people expect that from an XBLA game.”

The game will also come with a Fight ’til Dawn arcade mode. No details on that yet, but the name sure makes it sound like a Horde-type mode.