Sorcery reworked as dev “wasn’t happy” with aspects

Sony’s Sorcery, the Move title that had been MIA for over a year until yesterday, has had a bit of a facelift, no longer resembling the cartoonish look of the original E3 2010 debut.

But just why does the game look so different? That’s something design director Brian Upton has explained to the PlayStation Blog.

“Coming out of E3, we knew there were some things we weren’t happy with,” Upton said.

“We really wanted to re-tool the game’s look, its world. We had the gameplay we wanted, but it just wasn’t ready for public consumption.”

What the team decided was ready for that consumption though is the bright, open areas and older hero that we see before us now.

“We wanted a full-blown fantasy world, not a series of tunnels. A lot of our re-tooling involved moving the action gameplay into a more free-flowing space. The E3 version also had a much younger hero, and the enemies were a lot more cartoonish. We though, ‘you know, we have a game here that would appeal to a hardcore PlayStation gamer…and it looks a little bit like Spyro!’

“We didn’t want people to get the wrong impression, so we wanted to bring the visuals in-line with the gameplay.”

Sorcery is now heading for a Sping 2012 release on PS3.