Ex-ICO producer takes aim at Facebook

While his departure was overshadowed by studio head Fumita Ueada’s own, ex-Team ICO producer Yoshifusa Hayama has revealed his reasoning behind leaving the team currently working on The Last Guardian.

Now working at London social games developer Bossa Studios, it’s Hayama’s aim to create Facebook’s very first masterpiece.

“The problem is there’s no game that everyone loves,” he said during a developer roundtable session, “We need a masterpiece in Facebook – and that’s my goal.”

Later speaking to Eurogamer, he talked about how social gaming may be the future, despite cynicism.”When I started making console games it was the same feeling. The entertainment industry is simple – the film industry is the same. No-one cared about video, but now it’s all about DVD and Blu-ray. Markets always change – and I just don’t want to join after the markets change.”

“The market is growing up,” he continued, “It’s just a matter of software. It’s getting better, but we need that masterpiece.”

And who better to make that masterpiece than someone that worked on ICO and Shadow of the Colossus? Not that they’re exactly social games, of course, but it will be exciting to see what Bossa’s interpretation of the first social masterpiece will be.