Updated: The Last Guardian canned?

Update: Sony has confirmed to IGN that the game is indeed still on. Carry on having a merry Christmas, then.

Original story: Reports are coming in left right and center of the apparent cancellation of The Last Guardian, the long-hyped PS3 exclusive from Team ICO.

US retailer GameStop is said to be phoning customers who pre-ordered the game with this message:

“Hello, this is GameStop calling with important news regarding your reservation. We’ve been notified by the vendor that The Last Guardian has been canceled. To reserve a different title or have your reservation money refunded, please go to your local store.

“To repeat, we’ve been notified that the vendor has canceled production of the game The Last Guardian. If you have any questions please call your local store. Thank you. Goodbye.”

It’s hard to imagine a game with this much hype behind it going under but why else would GameStop issue such a message? Both game director Fumito Ueda and Team ICO’s producer recently left Sony, so our worst fears may indeed be true, despite Ueda confirming that he was still working on the project on a freelance basis.

This is quite the Christmas gut punch.