Bond’s Skyfall to get game adaption?

If this were a movie blog I’d tell you that I’m so excited for the next James Bond film, Skyfall, that I’m currently writing this post whilst sitting in a tuxedo sipping a vodka martini.

It’s a videogame blog though, and I’m actually here to tell you that said film may be getting a videogame counterpart. I can be excited for that too, I guess. TheSixthAxis has come upon this quote in an article on the film inside the latest issue of film mag Empire: “The celebrations include a documentary on the Bond franchise, a Bond-car exhibition at Beaulieu, a new video game and the re-release of Dr. No itself.”

Bond’s last virtual effort, the re-re-make of GoldenEye didn’t go down so well with critics. Let’s hope a Skyfall adaption fares better. And that Activision doesn’t find themselves in a legal battle with Bethesda over the name.