Fallout Online settlement reached — report

It would appear the Bethesda vs Interplay court drama over Fallout Online has come to an end. Long-time Fallout fansite Duck and Cover reports that the pair has reached a settlement, the details of which should be released sometime this month.

DAC describes the turn of events: “..on the day of trial, the atmosphere in the court room was tense until the judge recessed. This recess was extended, and then they recessed for lunch. After the lunch recess, the court room was locked to everyone except attorneys and clients. When our source asked why this was the case, our source was told it was because they were working out a settlement. The following day, another source called the court reporter to ask what the next hearing schedule for the case was – this source was told there was no schedule as a settlement had been reached.”

I’m being wildly speculative here but.. could Bethesda have paid off Interplay?