PlayStation needs to regain “consumer excitement” – analyst

Despite a sweep of exclusives, 2011 just wasn’t PlayStation’s year, it would seem. Plenty of PlayStation-only games like Resistance 3 flew under the radar, the Xbox 360 continued to outsell the system, the Japanese earthquake set the release of the PS Vita back and there was of course the disastrous PlayStation Network hack.

It’s an issue that’s led DFC Intelligence’s David Cole to believe that the PlayStation brand overall isn’t what it once was. He told Industry Gamers: “The PS3 is an incredibly robust system with a great content library. Unfortunately for Sony, not all consumers seem to have gotten the word.

“The Vita also looks like a strong potential contender as it has a reasonable price point now in the time of expensive tablet systems,” Cole continued. ” However, features like a 3G option may only confuse consumers.  Of course, once again initial content will be limited so there will not be much incentive for consumers to rush and get the device before prices drop and the library builds.  It looks like no matter what it will take a while for Sony to build momentum around the Vita, but the key challenge in 2012 is to bring back consumer excitement around the Sony and PlayStation brand.”

It may be at a point now where Sony instead focus on PS Vita and the PS3’s successor to win back audiences. Is there anything the PS3 could do now to turn the tide on Microsoft?