Vita beaten by PSP, PS3, 3DS in third week

Sony’s PS Vita found itself in fourth place in last week’s Japanese hardware chart (running from December 26 – January 1). The handheld managed to shift 42,648 units, placing it behind both PS3 and PSP as well as the week’s winner, the 3DS.

Nintendo’s system in comparison sold 197,952 units, beating the Vita with a five to one ratio. PS3 moved 67,199 and PSP managed 62,746. Quite a large gap, that.

Software-wise both Hot Shots Golf and Uncharted: Golden Abyss squeezed into the top 30 at 28 and 29 respectively, though that’s all.

It’s not exact an ideal launch for the Vita overseas, then, but it’s perhaps a bit too early to call it a failure, especially given Nintendo’s ability to turn the 3DS round in the space of a year.