Take a poll, decide the PSN pricing fate of Amy

A strange thing happened on the way to release day for AmyLexis Numérique’s survival horror title. The developers have recognized a disparity between the pricing of the  Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network versions and are doing something about it. In fact, they are asking for help from the gaming community in deciding how to handle the pricing issue.

Amy is set to appear on XBLA and EU PSN come January 11th, with the game launching on the US PSN a day earlier. No worries there; the issue lies in the fact that XBLA users will be able to buy the game for 800 MS Points – roughly $10 – while PSN users will have to shell out an extra $2.99. Which, as one would imagine, didn’t sit well with the game’s fan base.

José Sanchis, CEO of Lexis Numérique, says the pricing problem presents the developer with a “very good opportunity to involve the community” in the decision making process. He goes on to admit they understand the reaction of “certain US PSN gamers who don’t understand why they should pay a little bit more than their friends who play on XBLA.” However, because the company didn’t explain the pricing situation sooner, the decision now rests in the hands of Amy fans.

To fully allow fans to control the pricing decision, Lexis Numérique has set up a poll on Facebook here to let them tell the developer whether the $12.99 price tag of PSN users is acceptable or if the pricing is a “huge issue.”

Hurry and vote, if that’s your thing, as the poll closes tomorrow 9 at noon PST. Be warned though, if the price change succeeds, the PSN version will have to be pushed back a week due to “logistic constraints.”