LittleBigPlanet developer to stay on risky road

Many would say that this current generation of game consoles has been starved of both innovation and new IP. But there are a few developers out there that buck this trend, none more so than LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule.

The team’s unique create ’em up has become as PS3 classic and arguably one of the most important games of the generation. Since releasing the sequel early last year, the team has said that they will be moving away from Sackboy and friends for their next game, but moving to what exactly?

We still don’t know for sure, but what we do know is that the developer will continue to make “risky innovations”, and they’re packing the manpower to do so. A director’s annual report from the studio, as seen by Develop, reads: “it is vital for Media Molecule to focus a high proportion of its resources on R&D to allow it to maintain its world leading position as a developer of innovative games.”

Reportedly the team must must “remain at the forefront of technological advances, and must bring new and often risky innovations to market in products of the highest quality.”

The company spent as much as £4.1 million on R&D growth through 12 months ending March 2011, having made a profit of £3.44 million. The report shows that they are investing in “leading edge physics and dynamics, rapid world creation from laser data, innovative routes to market via web based interfaces, 3D stereo-optics for advanced simulation, and use of ‘hi-def’ data capture and processing techniques.”