Amy PSN gets new US price, release date

Hold on to your hats; when presented with an option to pay more or less, consumers actually choose to pay less. Crazy!

The PSN version of Amy, which was originally announced to cost more than its Xbox Live Arcade counterpart, has been re-priced at $9.99, which is what the XBLA’s version’s 800 MS Point price converts to. 70% of folks who took the poll voted for the cheaper price.

As said before, this also means the release date has changed. Originally scheduled for tomorrow next to the XBLA version, the PSN game will now launch next Wednesday instead, but only in the US. PS3 owners outside the US will still be able to get the game tomorrow but have to accept the higher price tag. As the official word states: “Amy will be available in all other territories on January 11th.”